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Marine Assist is a network of independent marine towing, assistance and salvage service providers in various places around the country. For more information on the Marine Assist Association, Inc., please visit their website at www.marineassist.com.

Before purchasing any of the below plans, please read the Terms and Conditions page.

We will accept Visa, Master Card, and Discover cards directly as well as PayPal payments online in the near future. Checks are currently accepted for memberships. The memberships will not be active until the payment clears.

Gold Plan..... $95.00 per year

This plan provides the member with free, unlimited, non-emergency marine towing and assistance coverage for 1 year from activation in the local coverage area and in any participating MARINE ASSIST ASSOCIATION network Service Provider's area. Coverage is extended up to 30 miles from the covered vessel's location to the nearest port of assistance or home port, whichever is closer. If a MARINE ASSIST ASSOCIATION network Service Provider is un-available, we will reimburse the member up to $250.00 for any non-network towing provider once per membership term. See the terms and conditions page for further details. (Local coverage area is Eastern Long Island Sound including the Thames and Mystic Rivers.
Silver Plan..... $75.00 per year

Choose this marine towing and assistance plan for up to $300.00 worth of non-emergency coverage per occurrence for the membership year, within the same boundaries as above and in any participating Marine Assist Association network service provider's area.
LI Sound Investment Plan..... $145.00 per year

This plan is designed to cover up to 4 vessels under one package, provided they are all owned by the same member and are all listed in advance with our office. The coverage area is the same as the area listed above under GOLD plan.
Visitor Plan..... $45.00 for up to two weeks

This plan is designed exclusively for vacationers on Eastern Long Island Sound and the Thames and Mystic Rivers . It provides coverage for 1 tow or assistance call over a two week period while visiting the area. Dates of vacation period must be disclosed at the time of sign up and plan coverage is limited to that time period. Coverage area is the same as listed above however, there is no network coverage in other areas associated with this plan. It is for Eastern Long Island Sound and the Thames and Mystic Rivers only.
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